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Social Media Dilemma

I am back and this time I come here to share something that has been bothering me for quite sometime now.

Before I start rambling about all this, let me make myself clear that I do not hate anyone with a different opinion than mine. I am a strong believer of people having the freedom to do/say as their heart desires, except spreading hate. While people are entitled to share their opinion, I feel they should refrain from being hateful or disrespectful to others.


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So, I recently came across this picture of someone’s Tumblr post and it has got me re-evaluate the way I perceived today’s generation and us youngsters. To be honest, I have always thought that our generation is doomed and all we care about is likes, views etc. people who share too much on the internet are not genuinely happy and just present a part of their life in a way that make others believe that they are very happy.   I never thought of social media to be of something that we can take pride in or boast about.

I myself enjoy sharing pictures, statuses, tweets on occasional basis. However, I have always shied away from sharing every now and then because I thought that people viewing my posts might not believe in the genuineness of the feeling with which I share it. I wanted to share the picture of me and and mom laughing hysterically on an inside joke, but I did not because I thought that people will assume that I forced my mom to take that picture. I wanted to share a long sad quote when I fought with my partner of the time but I did not because I thought people will think that I am trying to gain sympathy.  All in all what I am trying to say is I never really perceived this thing as to be something that should be based on my opinion or that should be something that makes me happy. I always thought that what I share online should be validated by others who are viewing it.  I failed to understand that I do not need any validation from anyone nor do I need to have a judgement on someone else’s posts. While there might be people sharing life on social media to gain more followers for business purposes, there are also a lot of people who share it to have a memory to look back to when they are old. Just how discos, long handwritten letters, telephone booth were all the previous generation thing, Snapchat filters, Instagram hashtags, Vine loops, whatsapp forwards will be our thing.

I am not writing in favor of any generation as such, I love listening to my parents stories from their time just as much as I love seeing my teenage sister’s snapchat story. I think we all need to accept that these will be the highlights of our gen. These things will be the things about which we will talk about to the upcoming generation. I want my kids and grand kids to be amazed when I show them my selfie with two layers of Instagram filters, or when I boast the number of followers I had ‘back in my day’ just the way I am amazed  when my parents show me their black and white picture that they clicked in a studio or their wedding film on a VHS Tape. I want to tell the future kids stories about funny memes,  answer their questions about Facebook wall posts, and how we would try to get noticed by our celebrity crush through silly tweets just the way I listen to the stories of how my mom’s entire neighborhood would gather on a Sunday evening to watch a movie on a projector sort of set up as no one had television in their home or my grandfather comparing the price of his favorite dish which was way too cheap during his school days as opposed to what I paid during my school days.

I have realized that while its not necessary for all of the people of our gen to share every little thing we do online, an occasional update to have the memories to cherish upon in the future should be something that all of us should use these platforms for. I know today all this might feel stupid to some of us (even I used to find it a bit stupid), but 20-30 years down the lane these will be our only memories. May be its just my thoughts, I don’t know. But I feel,  just how some of us consider ourselves as old souls when we are drawn towards the 80s music or writing letters to our loved ones, similarly in the year 2050 there will be few odd ones who would think that sending a snapchat picture with the dog filter is so old school and that they will love it.

While I do understand that some people may not enjoy being the social butterfly and some people may enjoy it excessively, I believe no person has to right to tear any one else down. Let everyone live in their own bubble and let them enjoy life the way they are doing it. I have decided, if I want to share something online then I will, without thinking about what other people say about me. I will also not make any stupid assumption about other people’s life based on their picture, status or the anything they share online.

But sharing it online or not, I think all of us should save some of our memories in the way that defines our generation the best, because it may seem silly now but in the future this same thing will make us want to come back to the day that is today.

Everyone has two eyes, but no one has the same view.

See you soon,

Internet Friends!



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