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I have been contemplating writing from a really long time.  However, one of the main reason why I  hesitated was the fact that I have never been an avid reader. I always believed that I will never be able to translate my thoughts into words such that my readers could paint a vivid picture of, just like the great books written by excellent writes do. But I finally gathered the courage to start this blog and my only aim here is to keep myself motivated and share my thoughts, my story, my experiences with the world out there (but I guess no one will ever read my post, so it will basically be my personal diary haha).

So how was I drawn towards writing when I never even read a book??

Back when I was in school I had a penchant for literature.  I used to love reading as well as writing poetry and small stories.  I had even won few awards in school competitions which boosted my confidence in some way.  Growing up I lost that touch with literature and somewhere along the line I never bothered to continue my interest for writing or reading.

I still remember my younger self, who would excitedly grab the newspaper and start marking down all the big words that were unknown to her (father hated it because I would mark down so many words making it difficult for him to read the newspaper).

Once I was back from school I would sit down with the same newspaper, a dictionary, a notepad and a pen, searching meanings of the marked down words and make note of it.  I miss those days when I had the drive to learn such simple things with utmost dedication and passion. However, I do believe that it is never too late to learn something new. In fact with every passing day one should always find new things to learn which will fuel that fire within them to see each day with new hopes, dreams and better understanding.

So today,  almost 12 years later, I attempt to find that drive, that fire in me once again.  I hope I will be able to write my thoughts clearly,  with minimum grammatical error but most importantly with a lot of sense and voice that will resonate with , if not many then at least some people who may come across my writings and leave a positive affect on them.

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

See you soon,

Internet Friends!!


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